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My name is Eleanor McCall, and I am the owner of the Puppy Club with Puppy School Falkirk

I have been around dogs for the last 40 years or so. As a child, before I was allowed to own a dog of my own, I made friends with my neighbour’s dog, Kim. She was my best friend and I learned so much from her, we went everywhere together. Unfortunately it wasn’t until my adult years that I learned how upset she must have been when I stopped calling for her – the reason, yes you’ve guessed it, I got a new puppy of my own. Kim’s owners said to me many years later that she was known as 'Eleanor’s dog', and they wished they had given her to me (oh how I had wished for that too!). Our new family puppy was named Butch, he was anything but butch – he was very sweet. He lived with my parents until the ripe old age of 17.

Although I pursued a career in a different direction, my passion always lay with my dogs. I qualified as a Puppy Tutor with Puppy School in December 2006, and I started running Puppy School Training and Socialisation Classes in February 2007 as a hobby business. I have helped over 1000 new puppy owners train their puppies over the last 11 years. 

I decided to hang up my Financial Hat on 20 December 2012 after 36 years in various roles, to work with puppies and their owners full time. I'm now the proud owner of the Puppy Club with Puppy School Falkirk.

What I bring to The Puppy Club with Puppy School Falkirk

I have many years of experience as a dog owner, sharing my life through the years with a few best friends, each one different and leaving a paw print on my heart. I currently share my life with my husband, daughter, four Welsh Springer Spaniel's (Brooklyn & Blair, and Blair's two daughters - Berry & Brogan, and my two Hungarian Vizsla's (Briagh & Bea). All good fun! 

Let me introduce you to my furry kids: Blair who is so sweet and is 9yrs old. Blair's daughters (Berry & Brogan) are now 6yrs old, and Briagh is my Hungarian Vizsla, she is almost 12yrs old and such a great girl, and last but certainy not least there's our not so little Bumble Bea who is just over 16 months old.

It was with great sadness we said goodnight for the very last time to our boy Bracken on Friday 24 May 2013, just one month and one day short of his 11th birthday, he was our very first Welsh Springer Spaniel. I owe Bracken so much as it was through Bracken that I was introduced to Puppy School and he brought me to where I am now. Run free over the Rainbow Bridge sweet boy x. Brooklyn sadly joined her brother Bracken on Easter Monday 2019 at the good old age of 15 years old - a mother, granny and great granny, such a beautiful girl who we all deeply miss x

I have successfully raised three litters of puppies, which was great fun and always using force free training methods. A puppy is never too young to learn. I have taken Briagh and the 3 welsh springer girls into the show ring and we enjoyed the fun. 


2015 was a very busy year for learning (education in dog training never stops!). I spent 2 seperate weeks at Cheltenham Rescue Centre training rescue dogs with other lovely Puppy School Tutors. All of the dogs involved were successfully re-homed. 

I spent a week in Malaga, Spain completing a 4 day practical dog trainers course with Nando Brown from the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT). 

I also attended lots of seminars and workshops - too many to mention.

I am proud to say I qualified as a fully Certified Dog Trainer with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT).

2016 was a busy year - continuing my further education journey and opening the new 'Doggy Day Care Academy' in Falkirk.

2017 was a year of growth. Introducing new classes whilst the Doggy Day Care Academy continued to grow, a further assessment of my skills as a dog trainer with IMDT, and as a result I continue to be a full member. I qualified to offer Scent Work UK scent classes at Level One, and continue to be a full member of the Pet Professional Guild.

2018 was a great year for further canine education. Behaviour Courses with Puppy School - 6 days of Puppy Behaviour 1 & 2, and 2 day Puppy School Conference with great speakers

2019 going great so far with lots of more Continuous Professional Development. Behaviour Courses with Puppy School - another 6 days of Puppy Behaviour 3 & 4.  A great 2 day course with Janet Finlay. A super 2 days with Tracey McLennan on T-Touch. 2 Days with Victoria Stillwell Dog Behaviour Conference.




  • Assessed & Qualified Full Member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) November 2015 and November 2017
  • A Proud full member of The Pet Profesional Guild
  • Puppy School Qualification achieved December 2006 from Gwen Bailey founder of Puppy School
  • Puppy University Qualification achieved October 2015 from Gwen Bailey
  • Life Skills for Puppies trainer course - 5 day course with Helen Zulch & Team at Lincoln University (June 2014)
  • Certificate in Puppy Training - Compass Education, (merit)
  • Canine First Responder Certiicate awarded July 2016 and 2018
  • Scent work UK level one instructor
  • Behavioural Courses with Gwen Bailey founder of Puppy School 
  • Puppy School First Aid Course
  • Funk up your classes 2 day workshop June 2017 (IMDT)
  • Scent Work UK Trainer level one course January 2017 (Scent work UK)
  • Happy Recallers 1 day workshop January 2017 (IMDT)
  • Happy dogs loose leaders workshop January 2017 (IMDT
  • Seperation Anxiety 2 day course with Jo-Rosie Haffenden, IMDTB July 2016
  • 5 Day Happy Instructor Course with Nando Brown, IMDT June 2016
  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) 4 day Practical Instructors Course September 2015 in Malaga, Spain
  • Introduction to Canine Massage (August 2015)
  • IMDT 2 day workshop with Nando Brown - Loose Lead Walkers and Happy Recallers (August 2105)
  • Dogs Trust Dog School - Calming the Conflict (July 2015)
  • Dr Ian Dunbar July 2015 (1 day seminar)
  • Ken Rameriz animal trainer (2 day seminar at Yorkshire wildlife centre April 2015)
  • Practical Puppy School course working with Rescue Dogs in Cheltenham - 5 day course (March 2015)
  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) 2 day course (January 2015)
  • Life Skills for Puppies trainer course - 5 day course at Lincoln University with Helen Zulch & team (June 2014)
  • Victoria Stilwell March 2014 'Inside your dog's mind' (1 day seminar)
  • Dr Ian Dunbar July 2013 (3 day seminar)
  • Patricia McConnell September 2011 (2 day Seminar)
  • Canine First Aid 2009, and renewed with Rhodes to Safety February 2013
  • Training the Trainer Agility course for beginners May 2012 (2 ½ day course)


Additional Information

The Puppy Club with Puppy School Falkirk services are fully insured.

Police Certificate held

Canine First Responder Certificate 2016 & 2018

Full Member of The Pet Professional Guild 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019


Assessed and Qualified Full Member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) 2015 and 2017



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