• Puppy Home Consult: One hour home sessions to get you & your puppy off on the right paw. Covering house training, crate training, leaving your puppy at home alone, building a bond, toy play, chewing, play biting and any other aspect of puppy training you or your puppy may need.
  • 1-2-1 Training session: One hour training session at the Doggy Day Care Academy, 33 Castle Road, Bankside, Falkirk, FK2 7UY

All techniques used for training and socialisation in  classes are  fun and easy for both you & your puppy. 

No harsh methods are used or allowed to be used at classes. 

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 Puppy School Training & Socialisation  Classes

  • Puppy School Training & Socialisation Classes: Puppy School Training and Socialisation classes are for fully vaccinated puppies up to the age of 20 weeks at the start of classes.  
  • Classes run in six week sets, with each class being for one hour. 

  The following exercises will be covered during the 6   week  course:

  • Come when called
  • 'Sit', 'down', 'stand'     
  • Walking on loose lead
  • 'Wait'
  • 'Off'                 
  • Socialisation with adults & children attending class, and other puppies
  • How to greet humans appropriately
  • Handling exercises to build your puppy’s confidence
  • Food bowl, chew and bone manners: Teaching your puppy hands come to give and not to take.
  • Off leash puppy play
 Puppy University Classes
  • Puppy University Classes are designed for young dogs over the age of 5 months.
  • Classes are fun & run in six week sets with each class lasting for one hour.

  The following exercises will be covered during the   6 week course:

  • Auto focus
  • Hand touch
  • Verbal markers
  • Retrieve and play
  • Life rewards
  • Handling
  • Settle
  • Distance cues
  • Stay
  • Leave
  • Tricks - wave, rollover, crawl, spin, bow...
  • and more...!


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