Puppy Socialisation Parties

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Puppy Socialisation Parties

Raising a puppy can be challenging at times :-), so at the Puppy Club we invite you and your puppy along to our Puppy Socialisation Party to get you started and to allow your puppy to meet and play with other puppies.


(60 minutes of education and puppy fun)

Get in touch if you would like to come along


A variety of subjects will be covered in general which can be:

*Settling a new puppy into your busy life                      

*Toilet training


*Car Travel & Safety

*Children & Puppies - safety

*Crate training - how to

*Games to play and the importance of play

*Teaching a puppy to be alone

*Body language - how to recognise when your puppy is uncomfortable

*Collars, leads and harnesses

*Socialisation - importance of it & how to go about it

*Foods for your puppy to avoid


*Puppy play time

*Question time


Puppy Socialisation Parties are held at the Doggy Day Care Academy, 33 Castle Road, Bankside Industrial Estate, Falkirk FK2 7UY   



The cost of the Puppy Socialisation Parties is £7 per puppy


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