What We Do

The Puppy Club prides itself with having a passion for puppies and puppy development!

Offering Puppy Classes, 1-2-1 Sessions,Junior Dog Classes,Scent Sniffer Classes and Hoopers for fun!

Puppies are my passion and what I offer to every new puppy parent is guidance and support to allow your puppy to live the best life possible. A well balanced family pet dog!

The services offered are:-
  • Puppy home consults for when puppy arrives home
  • Online live puppy home consults to help puppy settle in with on-hand advice
  • Puppy School Training and Socialisation Classes (small group classes)
  • Online live Puppy School Classes
  • Puppy Socialisation Parties
  • Tailored training packages with 1-1 sessions

Contact Us

The Puppy Club & Puppy School Falkirk
33 Castle Road
Bankside Industrial Estate

P: 07752 526030
E: [email protected]

Puppy School Classes

Puppy School Training & Socialisation Classes give you and your puppy the best start on your training journey!

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Junior Dog & Other Classes

Continuing your puppy’s training journey with fun classes. We have Junior Dog, Sniffer Dog and Hoopers!

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One to One Training

One to One training sessions, we are here to help you get started on your training journey or just to offer a lending hand!

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