Puppy Classes

Puppy School Training & Socialisation Classes - Classes are indoors which is the best place for a baby puppy to learn

  • Puppy School Training and Socialisation classes are available for all young puppies. 
  • 6 weekly one hour classes. 
  • Puppy places limted to a maximum of 6
  • Sunday Classes
  • Bring the whole family, children welcome to come and meet the puppies
  • Easy booking sytem
  • Puppy School Manual 
  • A private group Community facebook page 

  The following exercises will be covered during the 6 week course:

  • Come when called (recall)
  • Settle
  • 'Sit', 'down', 'stand'     
  • Walking on loose lead
  • 'Wait'
  • 'Off'                 
  • Socialisation with adults, children if we have children in class, and other puppies
  • How to greet humans appropriately
  • Handling exercises to build your puppy’s confidence
  • Food bowl and chew manners: Teaching your puppy hands come to give and not to take.
  • Off leash puppy play
  • Fun Tricks
  • and much more...
If you would like to book a place for your puppy, this link will take you to our booking system https://client.puppyschool.co.uk/booking/C64E17B0-42C2-460B-AAF0-4B8393344190

To chat further about Puppy School Classes please contact Eleanor on 07752 526030 or use the contact form