About Me

My name is Eleanor McCall, and I am the owner of the Puppy Club with Puppy School Falkirk
I have been around dogs since I was about 12 years old, and training professionally since 2007.

As a child, before I was allowed to own a dog of my own, I made friends with my neighbour’s dog, Kim. She was my best friend and I learned so much from her, we went everywhere together. Unfortunately it wasn’t until my adult years that I learned how upset she had been when I stopped calling for her – the reason, yes you’ve guessed it, I got a new puppy of my own. Kim’s owners said to me many years later that Kim was known as 'Eleanor’s dog', and they wished they had given her to me (oh how I had wished for that too!). Our new family puppy was named Butch, he was anything but butch – he was very sweet. He lived with my parents until the ripe old age of 17.

Although I pursued a career in a totally different direction, my passion always lay with dogs. I qualified as a Puppy Tutor with Puppy School  UK in December 2006, and I started running Puppy School Training and Socialisation Classes in February 2007 as a hobby. I have been extremely lucky to turn my hobby business into a way of life, adding the Doggy Day Care Academy in Falkirk to my life in 2016.
Over the years I have helped well over 1000 new puppy owners train their puppies, the best job ever!

What I bring to The Puppy Club with Puppy School Falkirk
All my training methods are force-free, scientific and reward based. My knowledge is kept current by attending many workshops, seminars, webinars and training courses on a regular basis.
As well as being a fully qualified Puppy Tutor with Puppy School UK, I am also an accredited Dog Trainer with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainer (IMDT), a registered Animal Training Instructor with Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC), a full member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG), and a qualified trainer with Canine Hoopers World and Scentwork Uk.
In addition I have many years of experience as a dog owner, sharing my life through the years with a quite few best friends, each one different and each one leaving a paw print on my heart.
I currently share my life with my three Welsh Springer Spaniel's (Blair, and her two daughters - Berry & Brogan), and my two Hungarian Vizsla's (Briagh & Bea). All good fun!