Puppy School Online Classes

Puppy School Online
IS HERE while COVID-19 keeps us locked down!
Our local face-to-face classes have temporarily been replaced by weekly puppy training classes hosted via the internet

  • Introducing ‘Puppy School Online’ – live puppy training classes in the comfort and safely of your own home!         
  • Our teaching of techniques using clear demonstration videos of puppy training, along with individual coaching, gives you the perfect opportunity to practise and learn at home where your puppy is more relaxed.
  • Distraction levels in our online classes are lower and for a puppy just starting out, this can aid concentration to the task in hand meaning fast and easy training. Our small online class sizes (2-3 attendees), means great personal tuition too. 

Online live classes are now up and running and our puppy owners really loved it.
Introducing little Tig who features in the puppy school videos
A new owner commented:
"We weren’t too sure about online classes and were very dubious but joining in was super easy and the whole experience was much better than expected. We highly recommend”.

Puppy School’s training is based on kind, gentle positive based methods.

To chat further about Puppy School Online Classes please contact Eleanor on 07752 526030 or use the contact form